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Hall of Fame Double Dragon


Game On Hall of Fame is a recognition to the games that we know and love from years past that have contributed in some way towards the games that we play today. This week we welcome Double Dragon the arcade classic to the ranks.

Created in 1987 it was one of the best side scrolling beat-em-up titles and was a follow up of sorts to Renagade. Double Dragon really took the world by storm and even sparked a movie based on the game.

The game introduced two player mode to the genre and even resulted in two arcade sequels.

This was also one of the first of its type to allow you to arm yourself with a weapon dropped by an enemy which was great when you saw the effects of a baseball bat or a whip.

The basic story was about two brothers Billy and Jimmy Lee who set out to rescue Billy’s girlfriend Marian after her abduction. A scene for its time that was very confronting.

Double Dragon Enters the Game On Hall Of Fame.

Take a trip down memory lane in the video below and imagine yourself at your favourite arcade growing up playing this classic, for me it was the local fish and chip shop or at the bowling alley, where was it for you?