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5 Secrets that will help you Pokemon GO

Tip 1: If you miss your Target with your Poke Ball and it lands nearby, pick it up quick by tapping on it. You don't want to waste them. The in game battery saver option will help here. It will turn your screen off but keep the app open as long as its upside down. That way you'll still get the notification or vibration. 

Tip 2: Try not to lock your screen, this makes the app inactive. Instead leave it open, you'll also have a great pokemon coloured glow coming from your screen in your pants pocket.

Tip 3: This is a great secret, when you first start the game, walk away from the first three Pokemon that the game offers you.. your next catch could be Pikacu!

Tip 4: Footprints show you how far a Pokemon to catch is away. Three Footprints is less than 200 meters away. One footprint is between 50 and 100 meters. 

Tip 5: Unless you have a massive bank of frequent flier points you may not "catch them all". Some Pokemon are unique to certain parts of the world. So make sure your passport is valid.