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Pixel Cup Soccer 2016


Pixel cup Soccer 2016 is a throwback to when soccer games were simple.

It’s like it forgets the multibutton confusion of the modern Fifa and Pro Evo games and returns to what is in some circles considered the greatest football game ever made, Sensible Soccer. Two buttons, pass and shoot that also double as tackle and slide tackle.

The 8 bit pixel graphics seem at home on a mobile device and the quick load times and match length lend it towards being a good title for gamers on the go.

The frustrating part of the game is still the touch controls, I’m not sure I can ever get used to gaming with my thumbs covering half the screen and the sensitivity of the controller seems to be very high, causing your player to run in every wrong direction.

A good throwback to arcade past, but not a replacement for real gaming, Pixel Cup Soccer 2016 is a 2 out of 5

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