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Bioshock Reborn


2K Games has re-released one of the most immersive game series of all time in a new remastered collection… Bioshock is back!

The collections includes all three award-winning adventures.

Including BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite,

Good news too is that it comes complete with all the single-player DLC as well as a never-before-seen video series, "Director's Commentary: Imagining BioShock,".

This video collection includes insights from the series creative leader Ken Levine.

Fans of the games will love just how different the games look on the nexgen systems and its a great game to bring back as each title has alot of replay ability.

If you are new to Bioshock you are in for an absolute treat as there is a good number of gamers that consider these to be some of the greatest games ever made.