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Titanfall 2 is Brilliant but

I’m really worried about Titanfall 2. Not because the game is bad, it's actually brilliant. I’m worried because it’s been released at the wrong time and could suffer in sales and therefore lack of players because of it.


The game is an amazing improvement on everything that the original Titanfall gave us. The movement is fluid, the weapons are brilliantly balanced and all have amazing special effects and the addition of further customization is a real game changer.


The first game lacked a campaign mode and so it was hard to immerse yourself in the world of titanfall, the developers had added one to the second game and it's one of the best part of the game. 

The game deserves a 4 and a half out of 5


But because it's been released at the same time as other massive shooters like Battlefield and Call of Duty, I’m worried that the numbers just wont be there to get a decent run of multiplayer games going.


Bad call on release date guys.