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Watch Dogs 2 are Using Real Life Data to Predict Your Future

Everyday we create 2.5 Billion gigabytes of data, from our last purchase online to our likes on social media platforms. The dangers of "Big Data" and predictive algorithms are themes that are at the very heart of the brilliant video game series from Ubisoft called Watch Dogs. 

The team behind the release of Watch Dogs 2 have a fantastic site you can visit that predicts your future based on your online habits. It is scary how good this is and it features some bizarre predictions including your height and weight, life expectancy, relationships, salary predictions and even the percentage chance you will be involved in a homicide. I'm happy to say I'll still be alive til 85!

Check out the site here:

To go even further Vice has released "User Profiled", a series of documentary videos that Ubisoft have sponsored with an end goal of education and giving a more in-depth look at the dangers of big data in todays society. I found them extremely interesting so I'm sharing them here with you today.

 Part 1

and Part 2