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Star Wars Rogue One Expansion

Fans of the Star Wars Battlefront will be happy to hear that the expansion for the game is Rogue One based.


Rogue One the movie is set before the original star wars film and tells the tale of a group of rebels that have the job of stealing the plans for the death star.


This theme was previously explored in the awesome first person shooter Dark Forces, but that game is no longer canon so the true story will be told in the movie and now in the expansion pack which is called Rogue One: Scarif


Scarif is the tropical planet seen in the trailers for the movie, there’s all so be two new hero characters in the game, Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic.

While we are talking Star Wars and Rogue One, check out how one fan (UMadBroYolo) has created the Rogue One Trailer using the Battlefront game.