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Conan Exiles looks to Excel

Developer Funcom has been working on a survival title based in the universe of Robert E Howard's Conan The Barbarian. The character was of course made famous by the popular movies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and in more recent years Jason Momoa.


In this you don’t play Conan himself but rather a character with a similar backstory of exile. You need to build up your resourced by hunting animals and mythical creatures. You can also use your environment to build structures to keep you and your loot safe.


The game depends heavily on the use of Thralls, which is the Scandinavian for slave. You capture thralls and put them to work, for example capture a blacksmith and get them to work making weapons for you and your troops.


There’s a few pics and videos online like the one above and it already looks like it could be one of the big games of 2017.