Superman and Lois Drama Series Looks Dark and Amazing

Superman is back and this time he is heading for the small screen (or streaming services for the modern age) with Superman and Lois.

Set in the Arrowverse, Clark (Superman) and Lois have two sons. Jonathan Kent (in memory of his late earth father) and Jordan Kent.

As working parents, this drama sees the couple dealing with the stress and pressure of today's society on top of keeping a secret identity...... secret.

From watching the trailer and taking in the commentary, it sounds and looks like both Clark and Lois have been made redundant from the Daily Planet.

Not only that, they've moved back to the family farm and the two boys are suffering from severe anxiety. Possibly due to being uprooted from the city life.

And all Clark wants is to be able to get drunk sometimes. At least he can always be the designated driver.

The look and feel of the trailer makes it seem like a Hollywood blockbuster, shot and coloured similar to Man of Steel.

Fan reactions are all very positive and people are very impressed. We can't wait to watch this one.

Superman and Lois starts in the US at the end of February.

There's no word yet on which streaming service in Australia will pick this one up. Time will tell.