Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza Trailer Released

Licorice Pizza is a new movie from writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson that looks like a nostalgia filled childhood we never had.

Set in the 1970s, the trailer has Alana Haim (of the music group Haim) as the love interest for Cooper Hoffman (Phillip Seymour Hoffman's son).

You just have to watch the trailer to get the feeling it sends off to know if you are going to love it.

Having it set to David Bowie's Life on Mars really drives to scenes and makes us want to watch it even more.

Throw in some big names like Bradley Cooper, Sean Pean, Ben Stiller, and John C Riley (just to name a few) and you have an amazing supporting cast.

Speaking of Bradley Cooper, he plays Barbra Streisand's girlfriend which is believed to be based on Jon Peters.

Licorice Pizza looks set to come out just before Christmas in cinemas.