Only in Australia: Pushing a Croc Away While Trying to Work

Croc Matt Wright Instagram 600x400

Matt Wright, star of National Geographic's Outback Wrangler, has posted on his Instagram @mattwright, a terrifying video, pushing a croc out of the way with his hand as he films with the other!

"Dangerous work," Matt wrote in the caption, "The hazards of working in northern Australia."

"We're just trying to get a few logs out of the water here. Having a bit of a hard time, we've got a little friend who's come and visited us," Matt says in the video as he turns the camera to reveal the crocodile!

"A bit of a pain in the arse having a crocodile around."

Watch the video below:

Matt's mate Tommy goes on to distract the croc while Matt describes his rope pulley system for moving trees that fell during a cyclone. Which sounds like a normal day for everyone, right?

The top comment on the post sums up the video perfectly, "This is the most Australian thing I've watched."

Needless to say, we must point out, don't try this at home!

The NT Government has some great resources on crocodile safety, "Be Crocwise":

Image: (Instagram @mattwright)