Ryan Reynolds Narrating Hugh Jackman’s Coffee Ad is Comedy Gold

Coffee is the magic elixir to lift our morning mood, but add Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds into the mix and our mood might might never come down again!

Hugh Jackman’s coffee brand Laughing Man has a new commercial and it’s narrated by none other than frenemy Ryan Reynolds.

And of course it’s hilarious!

The two have have a long-running fake feud where they trade insults on social media and it's pure comedy gold. This commercial is no different.

The ad - called Nice Morning - shows "an honest glimpse" into a normal day for Hugh, starting with him waking up in bed. But Ryan’s narration says the opposite of what we're seeing.

Ryan introduces Hugh as a “noted humanitarian” then we see Hugh yelling out the window: “Hey kids, shut up!”

And it just keeps getting better.

The company actually gives 100% of profits back to the coffee growers - yet another reason to love Hugh.

Ryan promoted the commercial on his Twitter and added the mandatory insult to keep the fun going: "You sleep with the wig on?"

The Laughing Man website says they're working on an online store - if only we could add a side of Hugh and Ryan with our order!