Shocking! Video Shows 1.2 Metre Snake Pulled From Woman's Stomach

snake in russia

Warning: Graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Ever swallowed a whole snake by mistake? This woman did. Snake haters beware, this is not a video for you… Medics have pulled a 1.2 metre snake from a woman’s stomach in Russia.

The terrifying footage shows the unidentified woman under general anaesthetic with the medical team using an extraction tool down the woman’s throat. After pulling up the tube, the medic realises the object is a snake and pulls back in disgust and then places the animal in a medical bucket.

The patient reportedly came in feeling unwell and was rushed to hospital not knowing what was wrong. It’s believed the reptile slithered down her throat whilst she was sleeping outdoors in her yard. The woman is from Levashi in the District of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia. It’s unknown what type of snake it was and how long it was inside the woman.

Watch the video below (Warning: Not for the ssssqueamish!)

Images: 27khv / Twitter | Taras Kolomiyets /