The Weeknd Shocks Fans with Swollen Face

The Weeknd's face has shocked many fans as he posted an image of himself with what appears to be some heavy plastic surgery on his Instagram page

Forget "Can't Feel His Face When I'm with You" we can't even see it!

The look seems to be some clever makeup for his new super catchy music video "Save Your Tears". 

The video deals with "image" with his own face altered while an unenthused audience wear masks to cover their own faces.

The whole thing feels very "Eyes Wide Shut" and could be a dig at the Grammys after he was snubbed despite multiple hits in 2020.

The jacket he wears is reminiscent to the glittery red jacket famously worn by Michael Jackson.

We can't wait to see what he does next when The Weeknd performs the halftime show at Super Bowl LV on February 7 2021.

(Monday 8th of February at 10:30 am in Australia)