WandaVision: Mid-Season Marvel Trailer

The Marvel series on Disney+ streaming service is getting some mixed reviews from fans some of which decided not to continue with it after the initial two episodes. If you are one of the people who have stuck with it you'd find it's becoming more like the extended Marvel Universe the more the show goes on with Episode 4 being full of returning cast members from the Ant-Man and Thor movies.

The midseason trailer has been released as we get more insight into what is happening in the town of Westview where Wanda and Vision seem to be trapped. But what exactly is going on and is Vision alive or dead after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

This show has more questions than "Lost" if you remember that series. One at least is answered and that's "if this is a mid-season trailer then we are looking at around a 9 episode season. At only 25 mins an episode we can't get enough of WandaVision.

Once this show concludes we do have The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series to look forward to in March and news broke yesterday of a "Wakanda' series being in the works based in the fictional land from Black Panther.