Lawyer Joins Zoom Meeting with Kitten Filter Stuck on

You’d think by now we’d all be technical wizards when it comes to online meetings, but no, we’re still having various mishaps.

The latest one - thankfully humorous rather than career-ending - involves a Texas lawyer who accidentally jumped into his zoom meeting with a cat filter turned on and had trouble turning it off.

Lawyer Rod Ponton’s appearance as a super cute wide-eyed white kitten happened during virtual court proceedings with a judge and other colleagues at the 394th District Court of Texas.

The 45 second clip (WATCH ABOVE) has gone viral with more than 1.5 million views already.

Judge Roy Ferguson, who was presiding over the meeting, responds to the feline invader by telling Mr Ponton: “I believe you have a filter turned on in the video settings.”

Mr Ponton says he is was getting help from his assistant to turn it off, and suggests they continue the meeting anyway.

“I’m here live, I’m not a cat,” he then explains - or perhaps jokes, it’s hard to tell.

His colleague on the call, Jerry Phillips, laughs at this point before Judge Ferguson drily replies, “I can see that”. Then the good Judge starts giving Mr Ponton some tips on how to disable the filter.

The clip ends here, so we can’t tell if they managed to turn the filter off, but we secretly hope Mr Ponton stayed a cat for the duration of the meeting.

Judge Ferguson clearly had a sense of humour about it all, later tweeting out:

But we think it's very hard to mock the lawyer when he's such a cute kitty cat!