Can you Solve the Girl in Concrete Illusion?

girl in concrete illusion

A photo of a girl supposedly submerged in concrete is hurting people’s brains as they try to work out what’s going on.

Yes, the photo is an optical illusion - she’s not really up to her waist in concrete as she happily plays - but even knowing this, it’s tricky to see the ‘truth’.

Can you work it out?

The photo was originally posted on Reddit then uploaded to Twitter by user Tim Kietzmann, who said there was definitely no photoshop involved.

The clue lies in the way her shadow is cropped as well as the patterns of the concrete.

One Twitter user who worked it out gave the helpful tip to “use logic, not your eyes.” 

And one Twitter user explained the answer by replying with ANOTHER illusion of a similar concept. Which actually hurt our brain all over again!

Have you worked it out yet? Ready for the answer?

Here’s the solution to the mystery: the girl is standing next to a wall that is waist high, which is blocking the rest of her body. The grey of the wall blends in with the grey of the footpath behind her, creating the illusion that she's buried in concrete!

But even knowing this, my brain is still doing a double take!

Can you see it yet? How long did it take you?

Here’s some more help with the solution in case your brain still feels broken:

Or maybe this line drawing will make it clearer:

Image: Twitter/TimKietzmann