We've Been Saying Alicia Silverstone's Name Wrong All These Years

Alicia Silverstone has taken to TikTok to let everyone know that we've been mispronouncing her name for years.

While a majority of us have been saying Alicia as a pretty standard "Aleesha".

It turns out we couldn't be more wrong and that does not apply to the Hollywood stars actual name.

Watch Alicia Silverstone show us just how "Clueless" we are here:


##stitch with @kesha & @mahoganylox : Just an FYI... it’s Ali-SEE-yuh 😉😘

♬ original sound - Alicia Silverstone

So it's actually 'Ali-see-yah' 

Great.. Now we'll spend the rest of the day practising how to say it correctly.

We hope to See Yah soon on TikTok Ali!