PSA: Cadbury just dropped a Clinkers block

Chocoholics, listen up cos' this is not a drill! 

Dairy Milk with Pascall Clinkers is the latest Cadbury effort to resurrect a nostalgic snack, following the special edition Pineapple Lumps, Hokey Pokey and Vegemite blocks.

It seems this was a Top Secret operation over at Cadbury HQ, with the new product popping up on supermarket shelves with no real announcement.

The Pascall Clinkers / Cadbury collaboration was first spotted by grocery watchdogs, Food Finds Geelong, who have revealed it's - as predicted - delicious. "Cadbury milk chocolate with heaps of tiny crunchy strawberry, lime and pineapple candy pieces", rating it "10/10".

Only problem is, how are we going to play the 'guess what colour' game now?

Image Credit: foodfindsgeelong / Instagram