Move Over MAFS, Here come the "Sexy Beasts"?

Move over MAFS Netflix has just released the first trailer for the reality dating series “Sexy Beasts,” a show where people try to find a perfect match partner while dressed in full Hollywood style make-up as various animals and other creatures.

This "blind dating" series carries all the laughs and fun where people try and see if they have personalities that match and good chemistry together but it takes the appearance of those people out of the equation and instead you get fur, claws, fins and more.

After going on several blind dates the singles will then get to choose which "creature" they want to be with.

The series originally began on the BBC in 2014 but this latest Netflix’s version looks to be much bigger in scale and budget with the character creations being much more elaborate.

“Sexy Beasts” will debut on the streaming service on July 21st.