Spectator Arrested for Causing Crash at the Tour De France

A spectator who caused a massive pile-up during the Tour de France has been arrested after presenting herself to police on Wednesday after the incident occurred on the weekend.

The 30-year-old woman handed herself into a police station in Landerneau, Brittany after investigations took place to locate the woman in question after she fled the scene of the crash. She has not been publicly identified.

The footage which has gone viral shows the spectator on the side of the road with a cardboard sign. Not looking at the oncoming group of cyclists and focussed on the camera, the woman who is sticking out on the road is hit by a cyclist (Tony Martin) and causes a massive crash.

Eight riders were seen by a race doctor with many others suffering minor injuries. One rider, Jasha Sütterlin was not able to complete the stage, and one rider Marc Soler finished the stage but discovered they had fractures in both arms causing them to also drop out.

Other fans were not happy with the behaviour of the accused, one on Youtube commenting, "The lady with the cardboard should be severely fined." Another responded with, "imho she should be jailed. she literally injured multiple riders and could have ended and ruined careers of world class athletes."

It’s reported the woman is now in custody and is to be fined 1,500 euros for endangering the riders, causing injury, and putting lives at risk, but some riders may take further legal action.

Image Credit: (GCN Racing / Youtube)