Finally, an Aussie vaccine ad worth watching!

Forget about scare tactics, a new Aussie vaccine ad has been released and this time it's not from the government.

Not long ago, the Federal Government released a video advertisement in an attempt to boost vaccination numbers but quite frankly the content was graphic and the message morbid. 

Many Aussies are deeming it too confrontational, particularly when compared to the attempts of our Kiwi-counterparts.

 So finally and thankfully, we have a vaccine ad that's worth watching and - in an unexpected plot twist- it's all thanks to The Melbrourne Symphony Orchestra. 

Dear Victoria is a message from the state's arts community.

"We've trained for a lifetime to perform for audiences. Now we call on our community and the Victorian public to give us the performance of their lifetime; to keep our community safe, and to keep our loved arts and entertainment industry alive."

The spectacularly creative ad features performers such as Tim Minchin, Virginia Gay, Meow Meow, Tripod, members of the Australian Ballet, the Melbourne Theatre Company, plus musicians from The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Assistant Treasurer and MP, Danny Pearson, has endorsed the ad and encouraged Aussies to "play your part and get vaccintated."

"If you can get vaccinated, please book in or visit a Hub – the sooner we get vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to doing the things we love."

Image Credit: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra / Youtube