Only in Australia! Echidna Causes Chaos in Bottle-O

echidna enters bottle o

A thirsty echidna has left a trail of destruction as it escaped from lockdown and entered a bottle shop in Kyogle, NSW.

The cheeky culprit was caught on CCTV camera, entering a BWS in Kyogle, NSW. The video shared by BWS shows the curious creature strolling down the aisles before heading to the fridge section. 

They wrote on the video:

"Tell me you're thirsty without telling me you're thirsty.

Local echidna in Kyogle NSW knows where the drinks are at”

echidna bws au


According to animal welfare organisation, Wires Northern Rivers, a store member arrived at work and found a terrible mess with lots of broken bottles on the floor. They mistakenly thought the shop had been broken into by vandals. 

Upon finding the culprit curled up under some shelving, the worker called WIRES to relocate the echidna. They said it had good taste, choosing to hide under bottles of Champagne which it had smashed all over the floor.

The echidna was relocated and released with no injuries. WIRES added, "The Echidna moved away in a straight line, it had obviously not consumed too much Champagne during the night."

Image Credit: (Screenshot via @bws_au / Instagram)