Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer respond to dating rumours


It's a Friends fan-frenzy after a source confirmed Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are secretly and romantically involved.

Rumours have been fiercely circulating that the two Friends stars are dating, and fans have gone nuts over the idea of a real-life Ross and Rachel scenario.


The speculation follows the admission that they each had feelings for one another during Friends: The Reunion.

It's said that the filming of the reunion is when sparks started to fly again.

Sources alleged that around the time of the reunion David flew across the country to visit Jennifer, and they were spotted getting 'cosy' at a vineyard in Santa Barbara.

Unfortunately though, your Ross and Rachel dreams are not coming true.

Representatives from both actors have declared the rumours inaccurate and untrue. Looks like they're on a break afterall.

Image Credit: IMDB