Top 10 Awesome Foo Fighters Songs

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The Foo Fighters are one of the biggest rock bands in the galaxy. And with greatness comes great songs.

The Top 10 Awesome Foo Fighters Songs should fill that spot nicely.

A little background on the band first, since you may know their songs but may not know who they REALLY are.

Dave Grohl was the former drummer for Nirvana and ended up being the frontman for the Foo Fighters.

In 1997, the Foo Fighters lost their drummer William Goldsmith and needed so Taylor Hawkins stepped in.

And since then, he has been the band's drummer until his sudden passing in 2022.

Now let's get on with the Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs.

10. “The Pretender”

9. “Times Like These”

8. “Breakout”

7. “Monkey Wrench”

6. “Making A Fire”

5. “All My Life”

4. “Best Of You”

3. “Learn To Fly”

2. “Everlong”

1. “My Hero”