Neil Diamond's Rare Sweet Caroline Performance at Red Sox Game

We all felt the pain when Neil Diamond announced his retirement in 2018 after cancelling his tour dates in Australia and New Zealand due to his Parkinson’s diagnosis. 

But we are in for a treat, as the singer performed a heart-warming impromptu version of one of the most powerful "sing-along" songs of all time, “Sweet Caroline" in a rare public appearance at June 18's Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

The Red Sox have a long history with the song as it went from being played on the loudspeakers for a friend who had a baby named Caroline in 1997 to becoming an anthemic tradition during every 8th innings they play.

For this special occasion, Neil Diamond came out to sing during the 8th inning of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals. He had last performed at Fenway Park almost a decade ago in 2013.

In the video, we see someone else alongside Diamond performing the song. It's actor Will Swenson, who just happens to play the lead role in "A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical".

For those of us who had tickets and were ready to see him in Australia, it's actually a beautiful moment to see Neil getting so much deserved attention while attending his beloved "Red Socks".

Watch the “Sweet Caroline” performance at Boston’s Fenway Park via the MLB Fox Sports Channel below.

In case you were wondering, the performance must have had a profound impact on the team as the Boston Red Socks won over the Cardinals 6 -5