Have You Gone Over The Top For An Event?

It's easy to want to spoil your kids with their birthday parties... I was the queen of over the top - jumping castles, ponies, facepainters, mini petting zoos etc for  a 1st birthday party - the kids never remember it - it's ridiculous! And then I would have to try and top it the next year! For me, it's probably a Mummy-guilt thing because I have always worked, and sometimes ridiculously long hours.. for others, it's just because they can.. it's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm running out of ideas!!

Someone else that's famous for going OTT with events is Kim Kardashian - and her latest baby shower was no exception - filling her house to the brim with cherry blossom trees.. Could this mean that Kimye is about to have a baby girl? See photos and video of the baby shower here. 

birthday party