How Far Is Too Far?

Sometimes the need to stand out can go a bit too far..Hubby and I used to manage a hire car franchise, so we were always driving new cars around and to be honest, some of the features in them seemed like overkill. I get that there are some great safety features.. reverse camera, park assist etc, I even get satnav. that's handy. BUT.. one of the cars even had a calculator built in! Really? To me, it seemed like a case of, "Oh, we need to stand out with this model, anyone got any ideas? Nobody? Ok, let's put something useless in just so we have a point of difference".. sersiously, how many times have you been driving along the highway and thought oh, I wonder what 456x 327 is? Lucky I have the calculator built into this car! 

Does your car have any useless features? 

car dash.jpeg