What Sort Of Sportsman Are You?

I had my first game of netball on Saturday in 25 years. I joined because a friend of mine posted on her facebook status saying that they needed another player, PROMISING that it was only a social network, not at all competitive. So I thought, why not? I need the exercise and could do with something for myself! I paid the fees (OMG - how expensive is sport these days? No wonder we have an obesity problem!) and then she told me that we trained for 1.5hrs on a Friday night. At this point I started wondering how "social" this competition really was.. so I rocked up at training Friday night, only knowing Moz, but it turned out that nobody actuallly knew each other and it was everyone's 1st training. this should be interesting! And then they dropped the bombshell... Saturday we would in fact be playing not 1, but 2 games... I'm not that fit!!! Turns out, because it's grading, each game is only 2 x 10 min halves. OK, I can handle this. I'm in the zone. We rock up on Saturday, half an hr before the game, because, you know, we're athletes and all.. to find the team stretching and warming up, running through drills, etc.. oh dear. here we go. 

Turns out, even though MY team is competitive, the division itself isn't. It seemed the more my team giggled and had a laugh, the angrier the other team became! They were out to win sheep stations! So we ended up losing our first game 22-0. FLOGGED would be an understatement. Our second game was a little better, losing 9-2. But you know what? I had an absolute ball, and by the end of game 2, we knew each other's names. That's gotta count for something, right? As I sit here reflecting (and moaning about my sore muscles, turns out warming up IS actually a good idea!) I got thinking.. does it matter that we are only there to get fit and have fun? Does it matter that we don't care if we win or lose? Should we aim to be more competitive? What type of sportsperson are you?