International Blah, Blah, Blah Day

Have you ever wondered if some of these “international day of ……..” are just an excuse to fill out a calendar? Well.. here’s a perfect example! Tuesday April 17 is blah blah blah day – Yes, you read that right – International Blah blah blah day..according to the website – it’s “the opportunity to stop procrastinating and get to grips with all those stalled projects and broken promises”..

The website description of blah blah blah day starts off by saying – “Sometimes it seems as if everyone is a critic. Are you fed up with your nearest and dearest suggesting you lose weight, give up smoking or paint that ceiling? Or, even if nobody is hounding you, are you all too aware that you’re putting off until tomorrow things that should be have been done yesterday?”

So, everyone. Today’s the day. Get in and do those odd jobs, before you have to listen to your significant other continue on with that nagging blah, blah, blah..