Important Life Hacks For Lazy People

I'll admit it - I like the easy way out. I'm only human... here's some life hacks that I've stumbled across that make life a little easier... Have you got any that you can add to the list?

  • Use a can opener to open those impossible blister packs that scissors, razors, knives etc come packaged in… they’re a nightmare, aren’t they? Not any more!
  • Is there pilling on your fave jumper or shirt? Use a razor. Be gentle, and don’t use one that has built in shave gel or you will end up with a mess on the shirt. A light going-over will work a treat!
  • Put Newspaper in your stinky shoes – it will soak up any moisture and smelly odours!
  • Remove small dents from your car by using dry ice. Not only will it save you time by having to take your car to the panel beater, but it will save you a HEAP of cash!
  • Did the bottle shop only have your drinks hot? All good! Take them home and wrap them in wet paper towel and pop them in the freezer.. the wet towel will help them cool faster. You’re welcome.
  • Re-seal a plastic bag with a softdrink bottle! Cut the top off the bottle, put the open end through it and re-screw the top back on the bottle. Done!
  • My personal fave – use grapes instead of ice to cool down your wine – they won’t water down your wine as they defrost.. why not get creative and try different fruits?
  • Lost something small under the couch or in carpet and can’t find it? Put a stocking over the end of the vacuum hose and start vacuuming.. the suction from the vacuum will suck it up, but the stocking will stop it actually going into the vacuum! The same concept works if you drop something down a drain.
  • Toilet bowl or sink stains? Pour a can of coke into it and let sit over night… wash with soapy water and you’re good!
  • Need to clean your shower head or faucet in the basin? Fill a freezer bag with white vinegar and place over the shower head.. secure with a rubber band.. leave sit on there overnight.
  • To keep buttons in place, paint clear nail polish over the threads on the top of the button.. it will secure them in place.
  • Leave home in a hurry without deodorant? Cut a lemon or orange in half and rub it on your skin.
  • Fave song on your phone while you’re streaming your favourite radio station? Place your phone into a glass or bowl and it will amplify your speakers.
  • Don’t want that ice to melt so quickly at the summer bbq? Put ice on the salt, it will last longer.