Judgmental Much?

These days, everyone seems to have an opinion on the lives of others. Whether it’s judging someone’s parenting style, their appearance, or making a judgement about the Prime Minister holding his grandchild while having a beer (gasp, a photo of a politician being “real”).. I can’t help but feel that it’s time we stopped judging each other, and accepted each other for who we are. I’m well known for sharing things about myself that I probably shouldn’t. But the way I see it, I’m an open book. I’m happy for people to know things about me that may help others, or start a discussion. So here goes.. these are things about me that you may have gone through yourself, or about to go through yourself, or have been curious to ask. And I’m happy to chat about them!

  1. I had a Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass for weight loss.
  2. I have had breast augmentation surgery in Thailand.
  3. I have had (and continue to have when I can afford it!) botox injections.

I’m not perfect – I have a long way to go in my personal journey. And I doubt I will ever be content on my body image journey – I consider myself to be perfectly imperfect.

So there you go. It’s out there. Judge me if you like – I’m ok with that. The reality is that nobody should even care..I read this back thinking it makes me sound like I’m trying to be Barbie.. couldn’t be further from the truth.. and I’m happy to share this personal info about myself if it helps even one of you to feel more comfortable about yourself 😊