Facebook...Love It Or Loathe It?

I love facebook. I also loathe it. Every now and then I will have a tantrum and delete my account. And it’s the most productive, stress-free, easygoing time of my life. But then, for some unknown reason, I go ahead and reactivate it.. here’s some reasons why I’m not a fan…

  1. The Poke Feature – Honestly, what’s the point, other than to annoy someone? Facebook have recently added the ‘hello’ feature as well though, which is kinda nice..
  2. Being added to a group without my permission – I don’t think this really needs an explanation. If I’m interested in your products, I will ask for more info or to be added.
  3. Being tagged in a post purely for promotion purposes – I get it, you want to tap into my networks. That’s fine, but at least ask first. Or request that I share your post. There are some things that I just don’t want to be a part of or put my name to, and tagging me in things takes away my right to choose whether I endorse it or not.
  4. Invitations to Facebook Games – Thanks, but no thanks. How do people even find time for that?
  5. Group Messages and Read Receipts – Nothing more annoying than being in a group inbox, and 1000 people are having a conversation, so there are constant notifications.. And then people getting cranky when they get notified that you have left the group. And on that note – read receipts – what if I don’t want the person to know I’ve read their message? Because I’m busy and can’t always respond straight away, will they think I’m rude if they know I have seen their message and didn’t reply immediately?
  6. ‘Vaguebooking’ – If you’re going to take the time to put up a cryptic status, take the time to explain yourself, or at least tag the person you’re trying to have a crack at, so that the rest of us can move on.
  7. Chain/Guilt posts – I promise you, giving little Tommy 1000 likes and shares on his photo is not going to save his life.
  8. Privacy – My personal settings are up pretty high. But somehow a few years ago, I changed my relationship status, and EVERYBODY knew immediately. Really?

All of these reasons aside, I do enjoy using it to keep up to date with friends, to communicate with my kids when I go overseas on holidays, and to facetime with my gorgeous nephew who doesn’t live in the same region as me..oh, and shopping! I love facebook marketplace! One day I will find a balance....

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