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Tradetools Bundaberg

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12 Phoebe Crescent Kensington Queensland 4670
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07 4151 7005
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TradeTools is a privately owned company with a broad philosophy – always attempting to be the best industrial tool company anywhere in Australia!

We have always realised that this aim comprises many important elements including a genuine respect for customers, suppliers & staff in equal measure.

We build upon this by attempting to offer the deepest collection of industrial tool products available anywhere, at prices that make our competition all but irrelevant!

The bulk of our profits have always been reinvested back into our business to the extent that we have never used any loan or overdraft facilities of any sort, plus we own outright most of our store buildings & infrastructure.

This very hard-won low overhead structure reflects back in us being able to attract, afford & keep the best professional staff in our field whilst still staying famously competitive & innovative.

We are the absolute opposite of too many modern companies that have a top-heavy & expensive overhead structure lording over an underpaid staff base where poor service & rich pricing seems, all too often, to be the accepted norm!

Tradetools Bundaberg features a huge array of tools and services – the very best experience for tradesmen, craftsmen and handy folk.

Visit their website to learn more – or call on +61 7 4151 7005.