Wide Bay set for a jobs boom

August 8, 2023 7:29 am in by

The Wide Bay’s unemployment rate is still one of the highest in Queensland, but the cards could soon turn.

New State Government modelling estimates a 13.6 per cent increase in jobs over a five year period which is the strongest performance of any region.

The data is part of Job Queensland’s latest Anticipating Future Skills employment projects.

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“If we invest in the high-skill jobs then those high-skill jobs carry high wages,” Member for Bundaberg Tom Smith says.

“So we are going to be seeing more and more money pumped into our local economy right across the Wide Bay region which is ultimately good for our small businesses as well so it’s a real circular economy.”

The new data shows Queensland’s four fastest growing industries are health care and social assistance (16.4%); professional scientific and technical services (12.6%); accommodation and food services (10.0%); and education and training (9.9%).

Employment in the Wide Bay has increased 10.3 per cent in the past year, however unemployment remains above the state average at 5.7 per cent.

Mr Smith says continued investment in the region and major projects will help drive the economy, including the manufacturing of trains in Torbanlea.

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“We know that for Bundaberg that’s going to benefit people who live in Childers and Woodgate,” he says.

“It’s really going to be a great benefit to the whole region. Not just Maryborough, not just Bundaberg but Hervey Bay as well.”


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