Valentines Day Gift Idea that’s Music to Your Ears

February 6, 2024 11:45 am in by

Valentines Day is nearly here and forget flowers and chocolates, we love to use our ears to show how much we iHeart you. What better way to listen to the radio station, podcasts or tunes you love than with a quality portable speaker matched with your free iHeartRadio. We’ve tested out some of the best speakers from leading manufacturer Sonos to find one that suits your partners personality type.

For the adventurer we recommend the Roam ($299 AUD)

This lightweight portable speaker is perfect for the adventurer in your life who loves their music on the go with size-defying sound, long-lasting battery and an IP67 waterproof design. Whether it’s a cute camping trip or a beautiful hike, Roam is the perfect travel companion to build the playlist for all your adventures. 

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For the home cook and BBQ lover we’d serve up the Move 2 ($799 AUD)

With up to 24 hour battery life, heart pumping stereo audio and water-resistant design, your Valentine can enjoy a stunning sound experience wherever they are in and out of the home Whether they’re the hostess with the mostess or the chief BBQ officer – the Move 2 is the ideal speaker for them.

For the creative multi-tasker we put this one to work, –  Era 100 ($399 AUD) 

A small but mighty speaker delivering powerful sound for any content – whether it’s playing music, listening to audiobooks or as part of a home theatre setup, the Era 100 is perfect for any listening scenario. Built with new responsible design standards, the speaker has a beautiful sleek silhouette which adds modern elegance to any home decor.

Each has a varied price point to suit your budget and is easy to play iHeart through using these instructions.

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Adding iHeartRadio to your Sonos

To add iHeartRadio to your Sonos, follow the steps below:

Sonos Controller for Mac or PC

  1. Select “Add Music Services” from the Music pane.
  2. Select iHeartRadio, and then click Next.
  3. Select “I already have an account”, and click Next.
  4. Type in your username and password when prompted, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete adding your account.

Sonos Controller for iOS and Android

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  1. Tap the Settings tab.
  2. Navigate to “Services & Voice”.
  3. Under the Music & Content section, click “Add a Service”.
  4. Select iHeartRadio from the dropdown, and then click “Add to Sonos”.
  5. Select “I already have an account.”
  6. From here you can follow on-screen instructions to finish adding your iHeartRadio account.

If you still have any issue reach out to iHeart here