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Bryce & Trace chat to Dreamworld incident witness Martin

October 26, 2016
Bryce and Trace had a chat to a man that witnessed yesterday's incident at Dreamworld, who was exiting the Thunder River Rapid ride at the time of the accident. He shared what he saw on the show.
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Celeb Mean Tweets Obama Edition #2

October 26, 2016
I did not Vote for ANY of the nitwits that have been Prime minister since John Howard, but if there was some Loop hole that would allow us Aussies to have Obama after his U.S Term ends so He can run…

Suicide Squad cast ready to make a sequel

The cast of the Suicide Squad are keen to make a sequel to the DC Comics film that wasn't…

Free Halloween Posters here!

Download your free Halloween Posters here! Love it or hate it, Halloween is back for…

First emojis to hang in New York's MoMA

This photo provided by The Museum of Modern Art in New York shows the original set of 176…

Shaun the Sheep Movie sequel planned

We've got BIG Shirley-sized news to start your Tuesday....Shaun is getting a SECOND…
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ellen haunted

Haunted House

October 28, 2016
It's always fun to watch someone else being scared. Ellen gladly sends her staff off to entertain us. Well done Ellen. (Photo: Youtube)

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Today – October 28th
We wish a very Happy Birthday to...

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