Wide Bay tops list for wild weather claims

March 23, 2023 6:46 am in by

Australians moving home are more likely to research where they can grab a coffee or dine locally, rather than check the risks to their safety and property from wild weather, according to new research by NRMA Insurance.

It’s revealed that only 26% of people who have recently moved or are planning to relocate have researched their new property’s vulnerability to wild weather risks.

Most Australians (62%) don’t even know where to find advice regarding weather isks in their local area. This is despite the ongoing and devastating impacts of severe weather being experienced across the country in recent years.

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The tracker shows that NRMA Insurance received 10,120 claims for wild weather damage to homes and vehicles nationally this summer.

Over a third of all Queensland home claims were due to severe weather and 32% of the state’s claims came from the Wide Bay.

Executive general manager direct claims Luke Gallagher says with the increasing frequency and severity of wild weather, it’s important for all Australians to know their local weather risks.

“Severe weather risks vary significantly by location, and even within towns and suburbs,” he says.

“Knowing the specific risks you face is vital, whether that’s a high risk such as flood, bushfire and cyclone, or even general risks from wind and storm damage to your property. Not understanding this level of risk can have major safety and financial impacts.

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“For example, one common misconception is that a 1-in-100-year flood risk means a flood will only happen every hundred years, when in fact, this means there’s a one percent chance of a
significant flood in any year.”

In some more positive news, our region ranked second best in Queensland for disaster preparedness.


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